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How to Clean a Commercial Grill

Commercial grills are known by several names including: flattop stove, cooktop or griddle. This type of restaurant equipment is typically made of stainless steel and is used extensively in restaurants. Because commercial grills are one of the most used pieces of commercial equipment they need to be cleaned frequently to increase their longevity, keep food tasting fresh and help meet sanitation standards. There are many grill cleaning tools out there including grill blocks, grill scrapers, grill brushes and special grill cleaners.

Commercial Grill Cleaning Tools

 Commercial Grill Cleaning Instructions

  1. Turn off the grill and make sure it cools.  Empty the grease catcher into the grease disposal container. 
  2. Put on heat resistant gloves, in case there are still warm areas of the grill. Use the grill scraper to scrape the grill and get off cooked-on food particles. Grill scrapers are excellent for this purpose.
  3. Use a damp cleaning towel to wipe away residue. 
  4. Read the manufacturers guide about any specific instructions about how to clean your grill.  Some commercial grills can be cleaned using a grill brick. Other grills may be cleaned using a grill brush. Some grills should not be cleaned with a grill brick or grill brush or anything abrasive to protect their surface. With this type of commercial grill you may need special grill cleaner and soapy cleanser in order to clean them.
  5. Wipe the cleaned grill surface with a dry, absorbent cloth.
  6. Clean the controls and outer grill surfaces with mild cleaner or soapy water and wipe them clean.

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